Auto Training

We are a provider of automotive training to high school students in the Canterbury Region.  As part of this, we deliver an NZQA approved Training Scheme, being the Certificate in Automotive Workshop Practices (level 3).  This runs alongside the STAR and Gateway programs that we provide. Our approach to train students in the actual industry working environment is highly motivating for those who are committed to a career in the industry.

The stand-alone STAR and Gateway programmes in themselves are great taster courses for students who are interested in the industry.  As entry level introduction courses, they also compliment the year-long Training Scheme very well in that they provide a sound base knowledge and skill set to students that may be looking to enrol in the year-long Trades Academy course the following year. 

Some of the content of the Automotive Workshop Practices (Level 3), we deliver is linked to a recognised qualification on the National Qualifications Framework. The Certificate is an NZQA approved training scheme that is intended for year 12 & 13 students who want to explore an automotive career path. 

This year we are working in partnership with National Trade Academy to deliver Certificate in Automotive Workshop Practices, (Level 3) under Trades Academy funding. The programme aims to improve the transition of students from school to work by providing a wider range of learning opportunities, making better use of the education network to create a clear pathway from school to work and study.  We work in partnership with schools and employers to transition students to employment based tertiary education.

Work experience is a key part of the full year programme we deliver. This allows potential employers the opportunity to give students work experience within their business so they can guide, support and ensure these students have the capability to perform any tasks set to them to an acceptable standard. Hosting these students on work experience allows these employers to not only give something back to the industry but it also gives them the opportunity to recruit for the future with support from Avon City Ford Training Services Department.

The success of Avon City Ford Training Services programmes comes from the quality support and networks developed within the industry.  The technical and employment knowledge with a ‘hands-on’ practical approach to learning is the basis of our programmes. We are here to support, guide, educate and give opportunities for the next generation wanting to enter into the automotive industry, as well as endeavouring to help these students transition from school into employment.

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